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Hotel Report: Ramada Inn Downtown, Calgary

During my 10 days in Calgary I stayed at the Ramada Inn Downtown.

I couldn’t stay an evening in the first room because the steam heating had a nasty water hammer. They assigned me to another room, but I couldn’t keep the king-size bed.

Both beds were too soft for my taste. The pillow-top mattresses had so much give that it was impossible to lay on the front. There were plenty of pillows. Turndown service gave two chocolate mints each evening.

The desk had good room and provided 3 AC outlets. There was another set on each side of the bed, but one was too far away for the phone charger, and the other outlet was right behind the mattress. The 36” diagonal flat-screen HDTV had about 25 channels available, including Encore and one French channel.

The room had steam heating on the window side of the room, and there was no air-conditioner. An oscillating fan was provided in each room, and one could sufficiently cool the room by opening the 1’ portal in the window to the winter air.

The bathroom’s tub had fairly low walls, and the hot water was almost dangerous. Only when shaving did I have the temperature control set more than half-way hot. Pressure was very good.

The fitness room had two ellipticals, two exercise bikes, a treadmill, a small nautilus, and free weights. It was located near their Grand Ballroom, so it seemed inappropriate to arrive in workout gear during a Christmas party. The pool on the 3rd floor was closed for the season; it was outdoors on the roof of a small section.

Laundry service was competent, returning on the same day and obeying all instructions regarding folding and starch. The front desk exchanged my $20 American for $18 Canadian, which is a horrible rate no matter what the times are. One clerk did go beyond her call of duty in helping me, getting directions and also calling to see whether my destination was open.

Internet access was pretty weak. Wireless only, the signal at the end of the hall was sufficient only half of the nights. At least it was free.

Breakfast in the morning consisted of a continental buffet or items off a menu, neither of which were free. The omelets got good reviews from my coworkers, who did not give good reviews for room service. The hotel bar had good Indian butter chicken, and the waitress suggested a decent local beer.

Entrance and egress are on different sides of the building, with the exit on a one-way away from the hotel, making it difficult to pick up friends at the front.

$108 Canadian is fairly reasonable for a downtown hotel. That and the proximity to the corporate office make the Ramada a place I’d stay at again on business.

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  1. PHW says:

    Wow…that is a horrible exchange rate!