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Gluten-free Adventures

Yesterday I tried to make pigs-in-blanket with GF Bisquick. It hadn’t worked in the past, and it almost worked this time, but it always generates a dough that is too thick and doesn’t form thin sheets very well. There was too much batter around the franks, and the kids hated it.

All was not lost, though. Seeing all the biscuit dough on the plates as the kids were eating the hot dogs, I got an idea. I crumbled all the biscuit dough, put it on a cookie sheet, and dried it in the refrigerator overnight. This evening, I turned the crumbs in a sifter so that I had a bowl of powder and a bowl of small crumbs. I added a third bowl with beaten eggs, and voilĂ , foundation for fried chicken tenderloins.

This was brilliant, because frying with bread crumbs made from normal GF bread has been impossible. The crumbs made from GF bread always burnt before the chicken could get cooked. Tonight’s chicken turned out wonderfully golden brown and crispy, and Twin 1 loved it with her pasta. Twin 2 hates chicken regardless, unfortunately. :)

This would be a lot of work to do on purpose again, but it was a serendipitous recovery.

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