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34 Days into RevAbs

Today is Day 34 – 4 days into Phase 2 – of the RevAbs workout program. RevAbs has a three-phase, 90-day program that starts with basic exercises and gets tougher in the later phases.

My weight hasn’t changed, but I am seeing good results. I’m definitely getting more definition and less flab. Some of my jeans are getting loose, but other jeans in the same size aren’t, yet. Still, we’re talking about a size I haven’t worn in 20 years. Is this why fashion gets recycled: near-40-year-olds slim back down and find the high school wardrobe?

The RevAbs program also suggests a diet starting out at 1200 Calories/day. A number that low makes me cringe. I net about 1700 Calories/day (1700 with no exercise, 2000-2100 with), and I’m still doing well. If you’re starting from scratch, I would work on getting your calories down slowly, like Lose-It! or MyPlate suggests, rather than a straight drop. You definitely should do the educational homework and choose good foods to eat. Ditching the cokes and frappucinos will get you a long way. I do like RevAbs’ recommendation of eating five times a day with smaller meals, though I modify that to just a healthy snack or snack bar during those times I’m not eating with the family.

Comparing RevAbs to my old standby, Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo, I’d say that Tae Bo has been good for sustained cardio exercise, but RevAbs is doing what I want done, which is getting rid of that fat around the waist.

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