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Letting Politics Shape Theology

Normally the debate we hear about regarding religion and government involves whether we apply religiously-informed principles in the voting booth and in legislation. This last election, though, political desires have trickled into religious confessions, especially in the case of Mitt Romney. CNN reported that Billy Graham’s web site removed its statement that Mormonism was an example of a cult. Working the school fair, I came across some co-workers who actually stated that Mormons were Christian. Since I had a job to do, it wasn’t my place to refute that misinformation.

It is as if Robertson and said school fair workers — Christians, I presume — couldn’t justify voting for Romney, the non-Christian, so they make him in their mind to be Christian and thus acceptable.

I’ll admit it. I voted for Romney in the general election — I voted for someone else in the primary. I live in Ohio and considered the situation. I thought he espoused policies that were better than what Obama had put into place and is promising to push even further. But Romney did not need to be a Christian in order for me to vote for him.

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