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Time Out Reaches 200th Episode, Takes “Time Out”

The December 27, 2012, episode of Time Out also happens to be the 200th episode. A brief history can be found in this NR post from March.

200 episodes is a bit of work to take in stride. Each episode lasts about 12 minutes on average and takes about two hours to record. I prefer to practice until I get it right, and sometimes that takes me a while. What is lacking in talent can be made up to some degree with effort.

The hardest aspect of making the podcast is the misalignment with my primary vocation. Most of the other shows on Pirate Christian Radio are performed by pastors, getting their material from the lectionary, daily life, and interactions with their parishioners and fellow pastors. I imagine the podcast would be easier if I were a working Cantor with the expertise, training, and choir to perform some of these hymns.

One of my favorite things about the show is the ability to really follow along. Every other show requires a passive listener. CPH has put out wonderful musical works, and LPR plays beautiful pieces, but as soon as the artist or the choir gets into ornamentation, the audience is demoted from participant to listener. Everyone knows the National Anthem, yet nobody sings along with the performer, because the performer is going to sing something different to showcase his or her talents.

200 episodes would be sufficient volume to clone posts and let Chris Rosebrough play indefinitely on Pirate Christian Radio. I get feedback even at my own church from people who have just discovered the podcast a couple of weeks ago. A couple of times, I have replayed a hymn from a previous episode, usually because work circumstances wouldn’t let me rework it.

There is a large incentive to keep going: the discovery of the new. New accompanists. New vocalists. New feedback from the professionals. New instruments. New takes on the accompaniment. All of these things keep the variety going while maintaining the ability of the podcast to teach and promote orthodox Christian hymnody.

Time Out will be taking a couple of weeks off, but we’ll be back. If you are interested in singing or participating, or you’d love to see your musicians on the podcast, let me know. Happy New Year!

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