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Recovery from a Food Disaster

In addition to the whole diet and exercise thing, I’ve been cooking more frequently, partly because of schedule and partly because I like to know what I’m eating and how to make it better than the standard recipe.

One of my favorite recipes that I have attempted several times, succeeding only once, has been Robert Irvine’s Three Cheese Hasselback Potatoes. The chief feature of these potatoes is that they are sliced partway through the potato so that the potato holds together on one side and fans out on the other side, letting someone fill the cracks with cheese or some other filling.

The first time I failed, it was because he neglected to mention in his recipe that he parboiled the potatoes after slicing them and before roasting them. When he demonstrates the recipe with Paula Deen, he mentions the parboiling.

We had some good steaks tonight, so I wanted to make the potatoes again as a classy side. I failed this time because I over-boiled the potatoes. The side that was supposed to hold together didn’t hold at all.

The logical thing would have been to mash the potatoes, since the potatoes were that consistency to where all I needed to do was add milk and butter. We had mashed potatoes last night, and I worked hard enough putting the slices in those potatoes, so I had another thought.

The potatoes had fallen apart into slices, so I took the slices, drizzled them with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and broiled them to crisp them up. They ended up yet being a great side to those nice steaks. The Mrs. said I didn’t make enough. I’ll try to fail harder next time. :)

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