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About NR

Welcome to Necessary Roughness!


NR started out as a travel blog, but as time permitted and destinations grew, political and religious commentary ensued. I try to post on average once a day when I’m not home. At the end of each business trip, if I’ve stayed in a new hotel, a critique of the hotel will be posted.

You Might Like NR If:

  • You feel true Christianity isn’t represented by the most recognizable people who claim to be Christians.
  • You don’t trust politicians to act according to your best interest rather than theirs.
  • You have a fascination with unintended consequences.
  • You like the occasional travel pictures, hotel reports, and church visits.
  • You enjoy a chant once in a while.


Pseudonyms are allowed, but no one’s to be “anonymous”. Conversation is to be polite. All comments you submit become my property, but I promise not to deliberately misrepresent anything you write.

The first time a user comments, he or she will be moderated. After the user’s first, comments should show immediately. Cookies need to be enabled in order to login. Please use an existing email address when you comment. If you’ve never commented on NR before, provide feedback that shows you read the article: there are some highly tailored spammers out there.

Guest Writers

Screenshots of guest bloggersOn occasion, I will “trade posts” with another blogger, giving both of us exposure to different audiences. If you’re a confessional Lutheran who wants a shot at a more diverse audience than the normal Lutheran blog, let me know.

I hope you find this enjoyable and occasionally informative and intriguing.

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