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A Yoga Class

Wednesday evening I participated in a “core and hips” yoga class. Tendinitis in my heel has kept me from running recently, and I wanted to do something besides sit-ups. A local place had a 10 visits-for-$10 special, and while I won’t be able to do the other 9 visits, an hour and a half for $10 isn’t a bad deal.

The older gentlemen led the three of us co-workers in floor exercise. He babied me a little bit because of my heel, offering a ton of modifications. I told him that I didn’t have any self-esteem issues or a fear of failure; this was my first yoga class in years if at all.



Now I Dislike Most Coffee Even More

I was never an aficionado of the hot coffee. All the good coffee flavor rested above the cup, only to disappoint the taste buds upon liquid contact.

Wednesday morning I had the privilege of having coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. The beignets were indeed good, and the diner atmosphere was quite nice.



Thoughts on Disney World

The family was able to take a vacation to Disney World, staying seven days. We took 2-1/2 days for Magic Kingdom, two for Epcot, one for Hollywood Studios and one for Animal Kingdom.

Even staying as long as we did, it was clear that we had to abandon any hope of seeing and doing everything at WDW. I’m not sure if even Vacation Club members could.

The weather was perfect, and I hadn’t seen such direct sunlight since my time in Cairo. Sunscreen was a must even with all the indoor time.



Bobsledding at Canada Olympic Park


Having already been to Banff and Sulphur Mountain, and having visited the various farmers’ markets around Calgary the last couple of times I was here, I wanted something new to do for the weekend.

“You could do the luge!” Teri, my co-worker, suggested.

I was a little concerned — my coordination is nothing an athlete would envy — but I was certainly interested.



Going to One-Arm Pushups

A couple of months ago a friend recommended adding push-ups to my workout regiment. I found an app, Pushups 0 to 100, that puts the user on a schedule to increase the amount of push-ups performed every other day.

Once I got to 100 in a session, though, that was it. If I continued to do 100, it wouldn’t add those extra 100s to the total amount of push-ups I was doing.

I’m getting more life out of the app by switching to one-arm push-ups.



Blackberry Compote

We had about three cups of blackberries from our food cooperative. I had seen blackberry compote used as a topping for pancakes, and so I thought I would give it a whirl. This was a bit of a risk, because changing breakfast in the past had met with mixed reviews.

I used the recipe from Epicurious. This worked well, but the tea infuser I planned to use as a strainer bridged off way too quickly and made filtering much too slow. I found a small strainer with larger holes, which let some of the seeds through, but with repeated straining I got most of the seeds out.

Check out the color of this stuff, and the flavor is wonderful. I would like to put it with some pork loin or other savory meat in the near future.